What Is a Parent’s Job

Being a parent is a 24/7 job with no leave credits, no health benefits, no pay, no chance of promotion and no chance of changing subordinates. It’s a difficult job where it can get dirty, I mean get-poop-on-your-hand dirty. It might sound scary, but there is a high chance you could get promoted! When you get to be a grandparent and all that.

But the position never came with job descriptions, and nobody ever earned a school diploma or college degree in raising kids. The job is difficult and has many interpretations. Let’s go through the common ones and see where that could take us.

A Parent’s Job Is to Provide for Their Children

In the beginning, parents have to pay for things. They give up what they had and spend a bunch of money on things that are usually unattractive, like diapers, baby food, onesies, cribs, strollers, clothes and other baby stuff.

But it doesn’t end there. As the child grows, their needs change, and the old clothes won’t fit. It is our job to provide for the child’s basic needs. Three of those can be taken care of with money.

  • food

It is our responsibility to feed the kids and make sure they have enough nutrition for development.

  • clothes

We are responsible for providing the kids with clothing that fits. It doesn’t have to be a top brand, as long as the child does not run around naked.

  • shelter

We have the responsibility to provide a roof over their heads and walls to give them privacy.

A Parent’s Job Is to Teach Their Children how To Be Successful in Life

Once the baby is born, it is your job to ensure that they have a good life.

When you get past diapers and crying, things start to become fun because the child will begin learning new things about their environment. By talking with them and playing with them, you can teach them how to talk, walk and interact with the world. Our roles are to teach the kids essential life skills to be successful and well-mannered adults. Most parents lead by example and change themselves and their lifestyles to become positive role models. As parents, we are responsible for teaching them:

  • Respect

We teach kids how to be respectful and how to be respected. We also need to help them learn self-respect.

We teach our kids basic manners so that they don’t grow up to be savage beasts.

  • good behavior

We introduce good behavior and try to correct behavior issues to help them develop into good people.

  • discipline

We teach them how to have self-discipline and to give their best at anything they do.

Now, unless you have an empire as a family business, it is not our role to teach them math, science and history or their interests. What we can do is to support them and find the best programs for them to learn and be the best that they can be in their chosen fields. 

A Parent’s Job Is Also to Protect Their Children from Harm

It is our job to keep them safe and healthy. This means giving them a safe and nurturing environment.

We need to watch out for them and set up safety management systems for them to freely be themselves. Their health and medical care also fall on us. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to cure sick children unless you are a doctor. It just means that we need to do everything we can to care for sick children and make sure they get the best medical attention when sick.

It Can Be Hard at Times, but That Doesn’t Mean It’s Impossible

Though the responsibilities parents have are plenty and almost never-ending, It is not impossible to pull them off. Parents have adapted parenting styles that help both the parents and the kids.

Parenting is mostly difficult when you look at it as a job. But once you change your view and look at it as starting a new family life, it gets better. You should just lead by example, know your limitations, and stop comparing your kids and your parenting to other people.

Now that we got the job description for parents out of the way, here are a few tips to make it easier on you:

Spend More Time with The Kids

Make sure you are there for them and there with them whenever you get the chance. Listen to their stories; there are usually clues on how to handle them better and get them to do their chores more.

Have Fun with The Kids

Whatever you do with them: teaching them, watching over them, playing with them, or enjoying a lazy Sunday with them – remember to always have fun with them.

Show Them You Love Them

Tell them or show them – whatever works for them. Tell them good night and greet them good morning; give them hugs; wish them a happy and fun day, and remind them that you will always be there to love them.

Support and Encourage Their Passion

Give them all the support they need in their pursuit of their happiness, and they just might support you when it gets overwhelming.

Your child will always need you and want you around, so don’t give up on them! The best thing about this job is the smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses we get at the end of the day. 



I'm a Mom of two daughters, Freya and Ava. I love to share insights on how parents can be better parents. I write about topics that are relevant to me as a parent: things like parenting style, relationship, marriage, and balancing work and family.

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