How to Communicate with Your Teenager: All the Best Tips We’ve got for You

Parenting never gets easier, does it? The truth is, parenting remains a challenge no matter how old you get. Our children’s ages are the only thing that changes. The more time passes, the more responsibilities and challenges we face. You’ll find raising a teenager to be one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do in your life, but it’s not impossible! In this blog post, we are going to share with you some tips on how to communicate with your teenaged child and some great advice on when parenting becomes less stressful (hint: never!).

Think Back to When You Were a Teenager Yourself

To successfully communicate with your teenager, you’ll need to understand the unique nature of this age group. The teenage years are characterized by self-discovery and independent thinking. At some point in their lives, teenagers will resent being told what to do or how they should behave. The most important thing is not to take anything personally when they act out. Try to look at things through their eyes and understand that they are struggling with new emotions and experiences. The best way to communicate with your teenagers is by remembering what it was like when you were going through those teenage years. The more you can relate, the better chance of them opening up about their feelings and experiences. 

Try not to take yourself too seriously. This will help your teenager relax around you. Remembering all those embarrassing moments from our own lives at this age makes us realize we were no different than our kids are now!

Be There for Them

Keep the lines of communication open. Let them know that they can come to talk to you anytime. The more open they feel it is, the easier communicating with them will be. The best way to communicate with your teenagers isn’t by shouting at them or ordering them around – and certainly not by locking yourself in a room away from their influence. The most effective method of communication between a teenager and parent is when both parties are willing to listen and learn about each other’s lives.  

Teenagers just want someone who takes an interest in what they’re doing and how they’re feeling; if you can do that, then you’ll find that all those problems melt away pretty quickly!

Listen to What They Have to Say

The most important thing to remember when communicating with teenagers is that you can never underestimate the power of listening. The more they feel like you are actually interested in what they have to say, the better chance there is for them to open up and talk through their problems or about things that may be bothering them. The best way to communicate with your teenagers is by asking them what they think about things- this will encourage more open dialogue between you and allow you to assess how much independence they can handle at any given time.  

The only way to become a better parent is by being willing to learn more about your teenager. The best advice we can give you on how to communicate with teenagers is that, above all else, they just want someone who shows an interest in them and their life. What do they think? What are their problems? Showing interest works wonders. Showing an interest in them as people makes it easier for communication – don’t forget that!

Communicate with Them in The Way They Want to Communicate — Texting, Email, Social Media, or Face-To-Face Conversation.

The best way to communicate with your teenagers is whatever they feel comfortable with. The worst thing you can do is push them into communicating in a particular manner (e.g., “Why don’t you answer my texts?!”). Teenagers are well aware that we have no control over their thoughts, feelings, and emotions – as frustratingly tricky as this may be for us parents!  The more open lines of communication between the two of you, the better.

Talk About the Consequences of Their Actions Before You Punish Them

Communicate with each other and discuss what went wrong before jumping to conclusions or making assumptions about their actions — this is where most arguments between parents and teens happen because they both think different things could’ve happened in a situation when there really wasn’t much to go on at all. The best way to communicate to teenagers is whatever makes sense to them when it comes down to how well it works out. The only way to learn is if they understand what you’re saying, not just listening because it’s coming from someone older than them. The more understanding there is when talking about a situation that went wrong or could’ve gone better — the less likely your child will do whatever they did again and perhaps have learned something new in their lives.

Don’t Talk Down to Them

They’re not children anymore! Stop yelling at your kids. Keep your cool, and don’t lose your temper.  The only time you should be yelling at your kids or taking out the belt is when they’re about to set fire to the house.

The worst thing a parent can do when communicating with teenagers who are becoming adults is to treat them like kids. The most effective method of communication between parents and teenagers isn’t treating them as if they were still young – it’s treating them like mature human beings worthy of respect.  The more they can see you as an equal, the better communication between you will be. The goal is to have them understand what’s going on, and it all starts with how well you communicate with them.

We hope these tips can help you and provide a few insights to make your conversations with your teenager more effective. If not, we hope that reading this article has at least made you feel a little less alone in the world of parenting! Share it if you found it helpful.

Do you have any other questions? Comments? Other tips to share about how to communicate with teenagers? Let us know!



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