How to Be a Good Role Model for My Kids

A role model is someone you look up to. Someone you admire and would wanna try to imitate in some aspects of their life. Everybody has at least one role model, and that got them to how they are now. Some people think that role models should be celebrities, or superheroes, or other fictional characters. But if you think back, think real hard, on who you wanted to be like and who you imitated the most as a child.

Most people are unaware that their first role model was someone close to them: their parents, siblings, and aunts or uncles. We first wanted to act and be like the ones that are close to us, the ones who took care of us, the ones we interacted with the most. Now, don’t get me wrong, some of these people were not positive role models, but they were the first ones nonetheless.

The issue now is this: why can’t we be positive role models for our kids? Well, we can. But it’s a long road ahead.

Here are some tips on how to be a good role model for your kids!

Create A List

Look at yourself objectively and identify the good points you want your child to have and the bad habits you don’t want your kids to develop. List them down and determine how you can change that to better yourself.

Refine the List

As you work to get rid of all that bad behavior, what other things do you want your kids to have? List them down and find a way to acquire those traits, and as for the good traits you already have, why not make them better?

Forging Temperature

As you figure out how to better yourself, understand that it’s going to be hard, and it’s gonna take some time to find your rhythm. This slow change will affect all aspects of life, so be ready for negative comments and keep a positive attitude.

Hammering Into Shape

As you get the swing of things, you will find that people around you change, or at least how you see them change. This is where your social skills come into play. You might have difficult times where you slip up and try to retain your previous shape and bad qualities. It’s okay; just remember that you want to be your kids’ positive role model, and you want to change for them. Let’s just get you back up to forging temperatures and try again until we’re in tip-top shape.

Grinding Off the Scales

After all that molding and shaping, we have to get ourselves ready for presentation. Start looking into healthy habits that you can incorporate into your new lifestyle. Find some physical activities to keep your body active and healthy. Start eating healthy meals and pick up a new hobby that challenges your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Asking For Help

Brace yourself; as you get closer to becoming a better version of yourself, you are prone to bending and may slip again. To strengthen your resolve, ask your partner for help and support or find a life coach that can guide you better.

Build A Positive Relationship

Build a positive relationship with your kids and family. Your family, even your kids that you want to influence, can be a big help in strengthening your convictions and act as a support group when you think you might slip up.

Do You Think I’m Pulling Your Leg? Let’s Try to Analyze It Deeper.

As you go through the process, make sure that the kids know that you are trying to get rid of your bad qualities and develop healthy habits. But don’t tell them you want to be their role model. Tell them about the qualities you don’t like and why it’s a quality you want to change or get rid of. Also, tell them about the habits you want to develop and the good qualities you want to make better.

If possible, ask your kids to take the journey with you. If they don’t want to, just ask them for support. Talk to your kids about your progress and setbacks. Let them know all the details about the changes, positive or negative, that happen in your daily life as you go through your journey.

The Truth

To be a role model, you don’t have to be perfect. As your kids watch you go through this journey, you showed resilience and determination to become a better person. As you develop healthy habits, your kids see these results and would want to replicate them and join you in your healthy meals. As they hear you telling stories about your physical activities, they aim for the same distance bike ride you once did. As they see you deal with challenging emotions from negativity around you, they want to become as strong as you. As they hear your stories, they want to become someone who has the same positive attitude as you. Changing yourself for the better is a noble step and a very great approach to parenting; you have unknowingly become one of the powerful role models for your kids.

You don’t have to follow these steps to become a positive role model. Find professionals or look into self-help books. You can try to ask your peers about changing your lifestyle for the better. It was never the finished product that made kids admire Captain America; it was the journey and the way he handled things and himself. But that was against evil organizations and fictional events. What you can show your kids is how heroes like you defeat all the bad qualities and turn yourself into an awesome person.



I'm a Mom of two daughters, Freya and Ava. I love to share insights on how parents can be better parents. I write about topics that are relevant to me as a parent: things like parenting style, relationship, marriage, and balancing work and family.

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