How to Be a Better Parent While Still Working

We often think of being a parent as just having to take care of our kids and spouse, but what about the little things that can really make it challenging? Being a parent is tough on anybody, and we understand that. But having a one-track mind and only thinking about finances and providing for a family can lead to severe repercussions. Like coming home from a long-running project and the kids asking, “Oh, you live here?”

Fret not, fellow parents; we came up with a few tips to avoid being blindsided by that innocent yet snide comment from your kids.

Let’s get started.

Get up Early to Spend Time with Your Kids

Every morning before heading off to work, spend a few minutes with your kids. It would be nice to wake them up for breakfast yourself. Being the first person they see when they wake up can leave a lasting impression throughout the day. Being the last person before going to sleep is good, too, so start and end their day with you in it.

Take Them on Outings and Adventures

On your days off, take the kids on adventures. It doesn’t have to be a grand adventure; just a slow-paced stroll through the neighborhood could be a fun and grand adventure for toddlers. It would also be an excellent opportunity to learn what interests your toddlers and teens. 

Make a Schedule for Yourself that Includes Work, Family, and Fun

Create a schedule of priorities. This could not only help with work and family balance, but it could also actually help you be more productive at work. A prioritized scheduling scheme would give you more time for the things you find important.

Set Aside Time Each Day for The Things You Love to Do

It might sound selfish, but it’s okay. Having “me time” would give you the needed stress relief to continue with your household responsibilities without becoming a grouch. And you don’t have to do it alone either. “Me time” doesn’t necessarily mean “alone”; ask your family if they want to try your hobby, and if they don’t like it, ask them to give you the time you need for yourself. This would help you emotionally and help you become a better person inside and outside your family.

Be Open About Your Feelings when It Comes to Parenting

Don’t be afraid of showing how hard it is sometimes or feeling like you’re not doing enough as a parent. This would help build a stronger relationship with your partner and kids. Teenagers would appreciate honesty and, in turn, try to be open about their feelings. This would provide a secure environment for teenagers to learn sensitivity and compassion.

Connect and Spend Quality Time with Your Kids-Every Day if Possible!

Make sure to spend plenty of time with your kids. It doesn’t have to be face-to-face. Have an online game session with them during your spare time at work, or just have a video call and talk to them about your adventures at work or the lessons of life you just learned from that rumor monger you sit next to. Make sure you take an active role in making a strong connection with them every time you get a chance.

Make Sure They Know They Are Loved No Matter What Happens in Their Lives

Be the best supporting character in your kids’ story. Push if they need pushing, but be careful not to go over the reasonable limits. Be your kids’ biggest fans and supporters. Send them a text every now and then to remind them that they are loved; they are appreciated; they are important.

Make Sure They Know that You Are Always There when They Need to Talk

Be a friend. Make sure you make time to listen to your kids. Especially when it seems like a big deal to them. It may be a minor inconvenience to you, but for the kids, having a friend listen and comfort them could help them develop a brighter outlook. And who better than the family to become the kids’ emotional support?

Keep the Family in Mind when Making Decisions

Ask the kids their opinions before making big decisions. A life-changing decision, like taking a promotion or moving, not only affects your finances but your kids’ lives and emotional development. Make sure they are okay with your decisions before taking action.

The kids should also be given a chance to decide on a few things that affect them directly, like the clothes you buy them and the breakfast cereal you buy. This would show them that their thoughts are taken into account when making household and family decisions.

Housekeeping Should Be a Family Endeavor

Have every member of the family help with keeping the house. Parents and kids should work together and separately to achieve the goal of maintaining a clean and tidy home. Try running the chores as a business project. The Division of labor will teach the kids responsibility and accountability. Of course, this means that, as parents (project managers), you are given the task of making sure that everyone does their part, and you pick up the slack when they fall behind and make them understand the consequences of failure or delay. And be sure to also accept criticism and get reprimanded if the managers forget to clean the yard or forget to buy milk because of football.

We hope you found this article helpful and that it has given you some perspective on the many hats parents have to wear. Your kids are worth every second of your time, so please take a step back for a minute to make sure they know how much they mean to you. Verbal affirmation could contribute a lot to child development. Let us know what other tips we missed in our post that could be helpful to other parents out there, or if there is anything else about parenting that bugs you! We’re happy to talk about family life and becoming better parents.



I'm a Mom of two daughters, Freya and Ava. I love to share insights on how parents can be better parents. I write about topics that are relevant to me as a parent: things like parenting style, relationship, marriage, and balancing work and family.

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