5 Reasons Why Kids Should Have a Dog

Kids are so much fun. They’re always running around, laughing and giggling, and playing with their friends. Why not add a furry friend to the mix? I mean, who doesn’t want a furry friend?

There are many benefits of owning a dog, from teaching your children responsibility to being there when your children need someone special in their life. And of course, there’s always one other benefit: as parents, we can’t help but love seeing our kids smiling through their tears on those days where everything feels hard – knowing that there’s someone special waiting faithfully at home. So, I will tell you how getting your kid or toddler their first pet will change their lives — and yours — forever!

Here are five reasons why dogs are great for kids!

Dogs Can Teach Your Child Responsibility.

The first reason your child should have a dog is that owning a dog may be the best way to teach your children about life’s obligations. The daily feeding, exercising, grooming, and affection that all dogs require can teach kids responsibility and an appreciation for rewards in return for such diligence.

Keep in mind, though, that it is essential to set age-appropriate expectations for your child. Children under five or six should not be expected to walk, feed, or groom a dog alone. Get them involved in the process and get them to help, but they should not be expected to do the heavy lifting. As they grow older, they can slowly take on more responsibility. It’s a form of life preparation that teaches responsibility and adds an element of fun for kids.

Dogs Are Great Companions

Dogs are a great companion for children. They are probably one of the best friends your children can have. The bond between humans and dogs has been around for centuries. They are loyal, devoted, affectionate animals who will pretty much love your children unconditionally. Children need to have a support system in their life that can provide unconditional love, which has been proven advantageous. For those who might be bullied or are struggling with self-esteem issues, having someone they feel like will always care about them no matter the circumstance may help better these troubled emotions and feelings of being alone. The human-dog relationship goes beyond just companionship; they provide protection from danger and comfort in times of sadness or loneliness when a person needs it the most.

In addition, dogs can be the perfect playmate for kids. They always want to wrestle, and there’s nothing more fun than running around with a new friend! And it’s a great form of exercise for kids, too!

Dogs can be an incredible companion for both adults AND children alike because you get someone who will LOVE YOU FOREVER no matter what.

A Dog Can Help a Child Learn Empathy

When a child is given the responsibility of nurturing, caring for, and training another living being- in this case, their dog- they learn empathy. Kids are innately self-absorbed and focused on their own needs. Having to take care of a pet will teach them that they need to focus on the needs of others for their empathy skills to develop properly. Empathy also involves reading nonverbal cues such as facial expressions and body language; pets are nothing but nonverbal clues!

Kids can learn valuable life lessons from dogs by showing patience while training or grooming their pets or understanding non-verbal cues that dogs give them.

Children Who Have Dogs Are Less Likely to Develop Allergies

Contrary to the long-held belief that dogs and cats in the home could lead to childhood allergies, studies show that having pets may actually reduce risk. Apparently, children who grow up with pets develop more robust immune systems and are less likely to have pet allergies. Researchers also found that babies raised with 2 or more dogs or cats in their homes were 77% less likely to develop various types of allergies at age 6 than children without animals. Besides these findings of fewer cases of dog and cat-related allergic reactions, these studies show additional benefits like reducing dust mite sensitivity and ragweed and grass sensitivities!

Pets Make Kids Happier and Healthier

Pets are more than just furry companions or an opportunity for children to learn responsibility. Having a pet can also be the key ingredient that keeps your children happier and healthier! They make our life better in many ways- from acting as an emotional support system for those who live alone or with depression to helping us feel happier during the darkest times by providing love and affection. Ownership of pets is often seen hand in hand with happiness; moreover, it can lead to increased health benefits such as feeling less lonely or depressed. Dogs, especially, help children develop better immune systems, which leads to a synergistic effect on parents who will be happy because their kids are healthy!


Dogs are a man’s best friend, and they can also be your child’s. If you have children and haven’t considered getting them their own pet, then it may just be time to get them one of these furry friends, especially if they have been asking for one! Getting a dog may just bring more joy into your child’s life! Children raised with dogs show increased responsibility skills, better socialization abilities than children without pets, and even improved academic performance due to decreased stress levels when they come home from school. We know it is not easy being a parent these days, so why not make parenting easier with pets who never judge or leave? It seems like dogs have been around forever because they really do improve our lives.

After reading this article, you might think that we’re trying to sell the idea of getting a dog. And in some ways, maybe we are. But our goal is really about making your parenting life happier and more fulfilling by choosing to have a furry friend at home with you—your children will love it! So if you want to bring an extra special kind of joy into your family’s lives or just need someone who understands kids better than anyone else ever can, consider adopting one (or two!) today. Wagging tails await their new homes.



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